5 Ways to Gently Detox


Life can be a hustle and bustle. On a daily basis we can build up toxins in our body from indulging in a little vino, a tasty dessert, eating non-organic food, being exposed to second-hand smoke and other environmental pollutants. Therefore, it is important to help eliminate those toxins throughout the day so we can operate as our best functioning selves.

  1. Start your day with organic hot lemon water to stimulate your system for better nutrient absorption and to promote healthy waste removal to feel light and fluid for your day.
  1. Integrate a green juice to replace a snack or meal. When we say green juice we mean a fresh press (1st choice) or when not available a cold-pressed juice from a local source. Pick a juice with mostly greens, especially if drinking it as a snack and not a meal because the carbs in fruit can add up quickly. The greens in these fresh juices contain vitamins and antioxidants that are easily absorbed into the body since it does not have to work to break down the fibers of the vegetables. The nutrients in vegetables have an endless array of overlapping health benefits for example: they help clean up our blood removing free radicals (watercress), naturally help stimulate bowels and flush kidneys (celery), aid in healthy blood cell replication (spinach), rebuild connective tissues and muscles (cucumbers), and can decrease inflammation (zucchini). 
  1. Sweat – get exercise that moves the energy of the body up and down. Movement breaks up any stagnation of cells and energy in the body. We want our systems to be a constant even flow of energy so that the blood can properly take nutrients to cells and remove the waste. Sweating pushes out toxins through our skin. Twists and inversions in yoga are an excellent way to help propel the flow of blood through the body collecting toxins to take to the lymphatic system for removal as well.
  1. Breathe – Blood cells are like nurses in the body, cleaning, healing, providing, removing; to make the body optimally functional. The cells in the blood need oxygen to perform their body care functions. The deeper, fuller, higher quality of breath is like water to a garden to help it grow. 
  1. Hydrate all day long! Water is so essential for our system for such things as: to flush out the kidneys, liver, and bowels, to help rejuvenate our muscles, for healthy digestion of food, and helping the lymphatic system remove waste. Balance your bodily fluids by drinking water throughout the day, rather than waiting until you are dehydrated and then chugging water. 

Life happens and you are human, use these tips to help your body recover and feel good all the time! 

~Bliss Entourage

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