3 Ways Yoga Can Enhance Your Game by Bliss Entourage


3 Ways Yoga Can Enhance Your Game

When I first started teaching yoga, I was on a mission to enroll everyone I met in the practice. When speaking with people who were unfamiliar to yoga I would often be asked “Why do you love yoga so much? I know it makes you stretchy and bendy but why is it so great?” My answer was often, “It’s just so amazing, you have to try it.” The shift I was experiencing was challenging to put into words.

“Words fail to convey the total value of yoga. It has to be experienced.” - B.K.S. Iyengar

Coming from an athletic background, yoga was challenging for me in the beginning. I didn’t want to be still or quiet and I was very tight in my hips from being an avid runner. I was conditioned for fast paced, high intensity release of energy. As I explored different kinds of yoga I found a style called Vinyasa or Flow that was a smooth and fluid practice and this was the practice that drew me into yoga.

 In a natural balanced state, our bodies and minds are peaceful and tranquil. It is the unnatural or irregular lifestyles that create the chaos in the body and mind. It’s not to say there is anything wrong with this kind of lifestyle, Bliss Entourage believes highly in balance and joy of living. However, even if you eat a super clean diet, have regular sleeping habits, zero stress in your life, and perfect posture - there are toxins in the air we are all exposed to every single day, just being out in the world. In addition to bringing the body back to a state of balance, also referred to as homeostasis, here are a few magical things happening in your body when you practice yoga.


The practice of asanas (poses) heats up and thins the blood, thus increasing circulation of fresh blood throughout the body, flushing impurities and toxins out of the body. As we become more purified our body doesn’t have to work as hard and we experience a higher level of energy.


When our bodies are stagnant, our circulation decreases and the sheath over the muscles called fascia builds up. This results in feeling like you’re crammed into a wet suit that is too small for your body.
Ever notice when you wake up first thing in the morning your body may feel stiff and tight and as you go through your day it naturally starts to feel better? Our bodies need to move to melt the fascia down that built up over the night.


The practice of asanas and pranayama (breathing) strengthen the muscles & bones, improve posture, increase quality and stamina of the breath, and increase overall energy. The combination of all these benefits calms the nervous system because the body is receiving the care it craves and feels is necessary for survival. If we allow our lifestyle to take over, and let caring for the body go to the waste-side, our body enters panic mode. The mind responds to the signals from the body resulting in what we experience as stress, anxiety, and depression. Caring for the body gives our nervous system a feeling of security and safety so we can relax and enjoy life in the moment!


Yoga can enhance everything you do, whether you are a professional athlete looking to amp up your game or simply looking to have greater ease in everyday functional movements. As a bonus you might even feel a boost in your mood as your nervous system starts to level out. All around, yoga can bring you to a level of feeling good that you maybe never even knew was possible.

Much Love,
~Bliss Entourage
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